Principe de vacuité



The act of praying holds a fascination to me out of all available knowledge…
Monologue or ‘dialogue of the deaf’?
If the sum of all noise is silence, the sum of all prayers would then be thought, the emptiness of the mind, a radical meditation?

… And when the word will no longer be sufficient in its redundant insistence, machines then will speak, repeating endlessly what no longer will fill any silence, no loneliness …

Description :
sound installation in a ‘structure / confessional’, composed of :
– 50 praying juke box, electronic prayer machine, in loop.
– 1 sound box containing more personnal texts about prayer, death, and the funeral rite; also played in loops & read by automatic voices …

Dialogues (‘repeat after me’)


Installation in 2 parts.

  1. Language courses on vinyl records, turn on several turntables.
    A part of the grooves has been removed, erased from the vinyl surface.
    But remains: loops, residues, silences, voices (women / men / children), sound effects, jingles, beeps, all at the same time. (
    Simultaneity of information.)
  2. Visuals works, in exhibition boxes.
    ‘Wood glue’ vinyl records, negativ copies of the language lessons, with the residues of the removed material. Poetry of suspended silence. (
    But containing information in pause.)